By: Reza Afshar

Why Is Loft Living So Appealing In Downtown Toronto?

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Loft living has become as common and as popular as living in a typical condo apartment or detached house and they are highly sought after in big cities like Toronto that used to be 19th-century industrial centers. Old commercial buildings from that era have set the foundation for today’s loft living and hard lofts are the original spaces of industrial facilities that have cleverly been converted into residential lofts. Today we also see soft loft type units which represent a re-creation of the original loft residences where builders have been able to incorporate loft features such as the raw finishes or 2-storey layouts to meet the high demand for loft suites.

 Loft living in Downtown Toronto is popular for many reasons. They are especially attractive as they represent a piece of history with their brick walls, exposed beams, high ceilings and ductwork that simply cannot be recreated to achieve the charm and detail found in these loft spaces. Ceilings can even be as tall as 18 feet which we don't see in newer construction as it does not maximize the use of airspace allowed for condo builders. The very large windows found in Downtown Toronto lofts also allow a great amount of natural light to flow in and make the space feel much larger. The open floor plans are another important characteristic of loft condos, as well as the classical architectural style making them look sophisticated and casual at the same time.

Hard lofts are somewhat harder to find in Downtown Toronto as they can’t be built anymore and we only have the ones we inherited from the industrial era. Despite limited availability, they are still high in demand and inventory is very tight that when loft units come for sale, they always attract a bidding war. All kinds of people are looking for a loft to rent or to buy. No longer are we able to define a typical “loft” buyer as loft lovers are found across all age groups and types of people. Lofts used to be associated with college students, artists or young couples, but the truth is that lofts are equally popular among people who really enjoy the experience of living in Downtown Toronto. Many buyers will trade off on a sophisticated Penthouse condo with all the elegance and finishes to own a charming historical loft with loads of character.

When it comes to the prices of Downtown Toronto lofts, units typically sell for a higher price per square foot than your typical condo unit. The price depends on numerous factors, however, the main ones are location and condition. Hard lofts are pricier because they are very sought-after in Downtown Toronto because of the limited inventory and a larger volume of space due to the high ceilings. The more original features exist in the loft, the higher the price tends to be.

Where Can You Find Great Lofts In Downtown Toronto?

There are many lofts in and around Downtown Toronto that would be perfect for those seeking the loft lifestyle. For a complete Loft guide, please refer to my website for a full list and guide of Toronto loft buildings and all that they have to offer. Below you will see some of my favorites.
The popular Candy Factory Lofts, located in a very desirable location in Queen St West of Downtown Toronto, is a six-story facility that was built in 1907. It’s known for original warm feeling lofts with hardwood floors and ceilings, steel beams, large windows and spacious units. The loft building also offers great amenities such as a fitness center and party room.
The true authentic Toy Factory Lofts in Liberty Village is one of my favorite hard lofts in Downtown Toronto. The historic charm is found all throughout the building from the hallways to the units themselves. Being situated in the heart of Liberty Village location, you are literally just steps from every convenience possible and a great nightlife.
The Merchandise Lofts in Moss Park, Downtown Toronto, are another great solution for all loft lovers who really want to live in the core as it is minutes from the Eaton Centre. Besides its historical features such as concrete columns and high ceilings, residents also get to enjoy top-notch modern amenities such as a sauna, rooftop patio, indoor pool, basketball court, a lounge, etc.
The Distillery District is commonly known for the 19th-century industrial buildings, and it’s no surprise that the neighborhood is home to many lofts both old and new that now stand as a symbol of chic living.  The character that lines the streets makes for a great backdrop for entertainment and leisure. The area continues to build-up with more amenities, restaurants and condo buildings and in and around the Distillery District Neighborhood we see a great selection of loft units both hard and soft. The beauty of living here is that you are just a five-minute streetcar ride into the Financial District.
If you are interested in a loft in any of these or other great loft buildings that Toronto has to offer, contact me today get on my Hot Loft Watchlist and get notified immediately of any new lofts listings as they hit the market.