Family-friendly Toronto Condos

By: Reza Afshar

Family-friendly Toronto Condos

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More and more millennial homebuyers have become fond of condo living even as they move from a single to a family lifestyle. This wide-spread Toronto trend is mostly a result of the rising prices in the housing market especially when looking at detached homes in Toronto. Naturally condos prove to be a more affordable option for home ownership. As a matter of fact, many land developers and investors have turned to building condos suitable for family needs with size, layout and family amenities in mind.

While high home prices may be the main driving factor present-day buyers have turned to condos, it is surely not the only one. Millennial homebuyers appreciate the urban and city lifestyle that Toronto has to offer. We see that they are less willing to trade endless entertainment and restaurant options for a house in the suburbs. Most millennials think differently than their parents and pursue practical living solutions to avoid high maintenance homes with big yards and long commutes.

Even if it means living in a fewer square feet, the Toronto condo lifestyle has advantages and great amenities geared for children and parents that seem to make up for the lack of space. Parents find it convenient to be just an elevator ride away from theatre rooms, play areas for children, swimming pools, etc. Having parks and children’s playgrounds and an array of kindergartens/schools to choose from within walking distance is also often another driver behind the decision. Parents can afford to spend more time with their children by eliminating the long commute times in and out of the city while offering them every opportunity to experience culture, arts, sports, parks and recreation in the city of Toronto.

Examples Of Child-Friendly Condos

Many Toronto condos are well suited for the family life, but let’s name a few where the sense of community is highly emphasized enabling children and parents to experience a community life by building relationships and friendships for life.

Many families have found their home in the Esplanade condos famous for their 6th-floor terrace which has became an official playground for children where they usually roller-skate, ride bikes, and the little ones build sand castles in the sandbox. To make it easier on parents, a storage area was added for equipment to avoid dragging all the gear to the 6th floor every time the children want to pursue their activities. The condo building is known for friendly neighbourly behaviour where parents often coordinate different activities for kids including festive holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

Radiance condos, for example, offer, among others, a well-equipped play area on the ground floor for children enabling parents to arrange play dates with the neighbours without having to plan it weeks in advance. Children get to socialize with their peers, and so do parents. The condo community also organizes movie nights in the cozy private theatre room for the youngsters. Such an approach creates a warm and welcoming environment with strong community bonds.

CityPlace is another great option for young parents where meanwhile more than 200 kids under 5 can be found. The condo cluster is a true haven for the little ones with superb amenities for children and parents of all ages. The Canoe Landing Park is ideal for hiking, cycling and playing. There is also a free outdoor yoga class that is organized in the park that takes place on Sundays. This master-planned community also has a huge complex in the works that will include a childcare facility, a school and community centre with outdoor play areas. Swim lessons for children are already available at the gym. Toys in the gym and indoor play areas is what you can expect in this vibrant family-friendly Toronto condo complex.

The Toronto family condo lifestyle is becoming the new norm and condo buildings usually include different perks for residents of all ages so that they can appeal to a wide variety of residents. Before we saw builders add features such a dog washes, hobby rooms, and wine rooms but now we also now see the addition of playrooms and storage rooms for strollers in the lobby or homework areas for school children. Families can make it work in a condo, even though they often live in a two or three bedroom. Given that four or five-bedrooms are still rare and cost more, young homeowners are creative with furniture and multi-use spaces that allow them to make use of the smaller spaces but give them everything they need. Given the functional layouts, most condos allow them to do so, whether they are high rise or low rise.